About Butler University

Let’s start with the basics.

At Butler, we believe experiencing is foundational to learning. We believe in providing an innovative, student-centered community that can’t be found elsewhere. We believe in preparing students like you for success after graduation.

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So what makes Butler better?

With just over 5,000 students, we’re relatively small as far as universities go. That’s a good thing—it means classes are more personally engaging and professors are always available to help.

But in terms of opportunity, Butler University is about as big as it gets. Indianapolis is one of the largest and most dynamic cities in the Midwest. As residents, Butler students can plug right into the real-world through internships, co-ops, undergraduate research, public performances, and community partnerships. These experiences provide working knowledge and skills that students need to excel after college.

Want proof? Ninety-eight percent of our graduates have a job or enter grad school within six months of graduation. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Butler

Fostering a vibrant intellectual community demands an environment that uplifts and supports everyone, because we each have our own unique perspectives to share. At Butler, we strive to create this environment so that all feel valued and supported while learning and working here.

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Being at the center of everything is the perfect place to do almost anything.